Bahamas Relief!!

After watching Hurricane Dorian pummel the northern Bahamas for nearly 2 days we knew we had to do what we could to help the great people of Bahamas.   I received a call from a good friend in Pompano Beach asking if I could make a run with them.  Us and 25 other boats loaded up and headed over.  We delivered about 100,000 pounds of supplies to West End, Grand Bahama.  

We helped one lady and her family with delivering stuff to her house a few miles down the island from West End.  She and her 7 other family members lost just about everything.  When we got to her house it looked like it was in decent shape, upon a closer inspection I was completely wrong.  The shell of the house was intact but the inside was completely gutted.  Her family and her had to swim out of the house in the middle of the storm as 8 feet of water was inside their house!!  

It was nice to be able to help out.  Hopefully the northern Bahamas gets back on their feet soon..

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